Salim Ali Lake

Salim Ali Lake is the biggest lake situated in the heart of the Aurangabad city but due to discharge of domestic waste water into the lake silt deposition took place thereby reducing its depth. It also resulted in degradation of water quality thus in turn adversely affected the health of people living in surrounding locality.

Eco needs approached the divisional commissioner of Marathwada region and also the municipal commissioner of Aurangabad and regularly carried out meetings along with government authority and finally the divisional commissioner Mr. Dilip Bund forwarded the problem and proposal towards the government of Maharashtra state
Ultimately the problem was acknowledged and approved by the state goverment.

The funds were received by municipal corporation Aurangabad and distillation activity of 16 Acres area of Salim Ali Lake has been carried out in the supervision of eco needs foundation.



Municipal Corporation Aurangabad Discharging Sewage water into Salim Ali Lake, to stop this action of muncipal corporation Eco-Needs Foundation filed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) under president of legal cell  Adv. Attadeep Agale through Petition No 3483 of 2010 in the High Court of Judicature at Bombay Bench at Aurangabad. In that Hon. High Court has directed Muncipal Corporation to take immediate action to stop Sewage discharge in the Salim Ali Lake.”


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