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Eco-Needs Foundation (ENF) is an organization of young people striving for environmental conservation and ECO-REVOLUTION.

It is a revolution entailing all round ecological development .which includes economic, social, educational, cultural, health, technological development and conservation of water and other natural resources, and above all the holistic development of the ecology.

In our vision, environmental conservation is not just planting saplings and creating wild life sanctuaries. This is just a part of it. If we want all living organisms to live happily, then ECO- REVOLUTION is the need of hour Eco-Needs Foundation wants to create mass awareness about the environment amongst the people and an unrelenting action towards sustainable development. Therefore our foundation arranges mass environmental programs that involve all kind of people, provide the platform for sharing knowledge and training of global environmental problems, and finding their solutions without considering boundaries of nations, states, regions, religions and languages. Our foundation gives channel for people  aspirations through our various programs, hence our campaigns focus on their holistic development. For this purpose we have formed various cells having members with excellent academic background in their respective fields. Our specialized cells such as Rural development cell, Women cell, Legal cell, Health cell,Technical cell, Social and cultural cell etc. are run by experts of their respective fields. work of Eco Needs Foundation has been appreciated by water digest water award 2010-11 supported by UNESCO. Foundation understand the importance of river conservation for Ecological balance of that Foundation taking vital initiative for framing river policy in various countries through international conference. For spreading Eco-Revolution foundation developed ECO FACE world  first environmental social networking site.Foundation especially targeting children  & the youth so that we will have an eco conscious generation of people. Eco - Revolution is the beginning of a new path towards a complete ecological reform for the “Happiness of all Living Beings”and to lead this movement at the doorsteps of the every segment of the global human society, Foundation use to organized International Conference,Eco-Revolution 2011, Aurangabad, India, was the first Conference of it  own kind which emphasized for the formulation of International River Policy. With the inspiration from Eco Revolution 2011 Conference, Eco Revolution 2012 International Conference Colombo, Sri-Lanka was organized by Srilankan ministries and social organization which concluded with the Colombo Declaration which highlight the need of involvement of Religion and Spirituality and spiritual leaders for mobilizing the people for the cause of environmental conservation. With the inspiration from these earlier two conferences,The Eco Revolution 2013 International Conference On Environment and Humanities, Nepal was organized by Govt. body of Nepal with educational institute.This Conference addressed the issue of impact of climate change on the places situated at  high altitude. On this occasion ENF along with Nepal Engineer’s Association  signed MoU for starting International Journal For Technology, Science And Humanity to take a participation of researchers & scientists for spreading Eco Revolution movement.

Eco-Needs is leading it  path with great visionary spirit and missionary zeal. We belive that teaching of Lord Buddha & Mahavira is one of the important  solution on pollution control.

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