Eco Needs Foundation has a very broad vision about Environment. We understand the future Ecological needs and have following objectives.
1 To undertake the activities like seminars, workshops, research, training courses, campus public meetings, exhibition, demonstration, preparation of educational resources material, folk media, street theatre festivals for general awareness, management regarding environment  & creating ECO REVOLUTION
2 To undertake projects & Research activities to prevent water pollution also protecting natural water resources contamination.
3 Promoting the people to segregate the solid wastes, to avoid environmental hazards.
4 To conduct seminars, research on modern agricultural technology & biotechnology, plan to conduct workshop on agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture.
5 To develop “Eco Zones” where all wild animals and birds could live happily to provide foods and water and natural shelter and adequate health facilities to all wild life.
6 Our most ambitious goal is to create moral society so that every one’s thinking could be directed for universal happiness for that purpose we are planning for ‘ Bal Sanskar Kendra’ , meditation, Vipassana,Yoga and moral teachings.
7 For improving economical status of poor people, higher education is necessary for that purpose we help students of primary, secondary, and higher education like Engineering ,Medical, Management, Law will be free for all the poor people of society.
8 We aim to provide guidance to rural peoples about watershed management and rainwater harvesting and other programs relating to water conservation.
9 A slum is identified as a bad patch of society. To remove this identity, we are planning to appoint permanent teacher for their academic education and for health education.
10 To undertake rehabilitation program of victims of natural and Industrial calamities.
11 To undertake programs for controlling diseases like AIDS.
12 To overcome energy crisis we are planning to induce people to use renewable energy sources like biogas, solar energy, wind energy.
13 To provide vocational training like fishery, poultry, dairy, computer, plumbing to youths for self employment.
14 To overcome the problem of ground water deficiency, we are planning to create artificial ground water recharge zones.
15 We are planning to provide scholarships to poor and scholar students.
16 To fight against injustice in respect of human rights and environmental degradation we the Lawyers of “ Eco Needs Foundation” plan to file PIL for restoration of peace, justice and rights of unfortunate segments of society

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Eco-Needs Foundation (ENF) is an organization of young people striving for environmental conservation and ECO-REVOLUTION.

It is a revolution entailing all round ecological development. which includes economic, social, educational, cultural, health, technological development and conservation of water and other natural resources, and above all the holistic development of the ecology.

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