Sustainable development at Parsoda Village


The village Parsoda of the vaijapur Tahsil,District Aurangabad is  the village of neraly about 5000 population. The region falls in the area of rain scarcity and usualy in after every month of January there is acute water scarcity. Along with this there is no any water conservation structure has been erected in the village further there is no facility of sanitation,internal roads,solid waste disposal etc it results into great hardship for people to lead their healthy and happy life.

Eco Needs Foundation has adopted the village with determination to change the pathetic situation of the village and to develop it as a Eco Village.Therefore the Foundation firstly approached to the people of village and made them aware about problems in development of village and have motivated them to make their controibution for development of their village. with the involvement  of local people Foundation constructed  Farm Ponds in the fields,caused desiltation of local water resources,caused maintenance of  wiers it has caused water conservation in the village and insured availability of water for drinking purpose,Foundation has planted nearly about 1500 trees in the village.Foudation has motivated people for the construction of laterines for their individual use and due to that most of the people constructed laterines for their family use and also to defeat the problem of water scarcity Foundation has introduced innovative model of dry toilets/laterines in the village and made it available to people with the own cost of Foundation.Foundation also made people aware about health hygine and  cleanliness of their surroundings and people have adopted the  practices of systematic disposal of domestic solid waste and agricultural solid waste. Due to the persuation of Foundation internal roads of the village has get properly maintained and constructed by the Authorities.

This work of our Foundation has been appreciated by Government of Maharashtra by making the involvement of Parsoda village in AADARSH GAON YOJNA/ 2013 ,Ideal Village Project and therein appointed Eco Needs Foundation as a implementing agency for the said project.




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