Aurangabad Jalstrot Bachav Abhiyan (Aurangabad Water Resources Conservation Mission)

Kamal Lake

The Kamal (Lotus) lake also known as the Kamal Lake is situated at historical city of Aurangabad .This lake has been one of the landmark of the city since more than last 300 year and of the vitally important in the water supply and conservation system developed by ruler Malik Amber. However during the last couple of decades it became a dumping ground for the Municipal Corporation of Aurangabad and the local people as well, Also various incoming water flows of the lake was obstructed by Municipal corporation by constructing retaining wall for road . Huge encroachment has been made my the local people residing in the adjoining vicinity of the lake.

On 1st December 2007 first time the voice has been raised against the pathetic condition of lake by the delegation of Eco Needs Foundation by making representation and discussion on rejuvenation of the lake in the meeting with then Divisional Commissioner Mr. Dilip Band Thereafter Foundation kept on pursuing the lake conservation issue along with the mayor of the city and various other platforms. The relentless efforts of Foundation turn fruitful in the year 2010 when Municipal corporation city Engineer Mr. Bhagwat Mhaske undertaken the work of removal of debris from the lake. But this is insufficient to restore the wholesomeness and glory of the lake and this time Foundation had taken the course of mass agitation on the occasion of world water day 2015 at the site of the lake also raised this issue with district collector and Municipal commissioner Mr. Prakash Mahajan.

Finally all the waste & debris from lake was removed and also the flows of water which contributing water to lake are channelized in the lake and during the rainy season lake has get overflowed with the water restoring the glory of lake. This is the one the success story of Eco Needs Foundation in Aurangabad Water Resources Conservation Mission .  


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