Aurangabad Jalstrot Bachav Abhiyan (Aurangabad Water Resources Conservation Mission)

Kham River

Aurangabad is a historical city formerly named as a ‘KHADAKI’ developed on the banks of KHAM River by Adilshah’s Prime Minister Malik Amber. To fulfill the water requirement of the city ,Malik Amber utilized the valley of Kham river along with he had constructed NAHAR-E-Ambari ( Hydraulic water carriage system) Also, for the protection of city from floods due to Kham river and from enemies he and Moghul emporers had constructed city wall along with 52 gates around city. It reflects city designed for considering safety and fulfilling water requirement for its development. 

Malik amber has utilized each and every natural resource for water management. Day by day population has goes on increasing and city has expanded from its original position. Also the water resources utilized by the Malik Amber for development of old city, were not being utilized by new authority(AMC).To fulfill the domestic and industrial water demand of city water is carried from Jayakwadi Dam which is constructed across the Godavari river at Paithan. But, still population of city and demand for water are increasing hand in hand . For considering future and present water demand ,city have again rethink on the historical water resources that was created and utilized by Malik Amber. Today Kham River has became Sewerage channel and a Nahar-E-Ambari system has get damaged at various places .It is very necessary to maintain the Kham river ecology for solving the problem of water scarcity of Aurangabad city. The present problem of Kham River is polluted inflow and encroachment over the bank of river. For this problem Municipal corporation of Aurangabad city is fully responsible because it has constructed the drainage line along the river basin, but it get broken at so many places due to it sewage water discharge into river course, same way the streams and Nallas which contribute water to Kham river are highly polluted from the sewage discharge. Also number of construction activities taken place on the bank and at the origin of Kham River it contract the river bank .Hence during the rainy season flood situation occurs.

 ECO Needs Foundation realized these problems and first time in the history of Aurangabad city some efforts have been taken for conservation of Kham river. for this purpose memorandum has been submitted to District collector & Municipal Commissioner of Aurangabad city, Pollution control board .Foundation had conducted the Kham River conservation Drive for awareness in public. Our foundation is also started research for maintaining Kham River Ecology. Kham river cleaneness abhiyan carried out by Eco Needs Foundation under the guidance of Prof Priyanand Agale.This programme was inaugrated by Dr. Satyapal Singh Meena for successfulness of event Mr Rohit Thorat, Adv. Attdeep Agale,  Adv. Nilesh Dande, Adv. Vinay Sarawade ,Mr. Sunil Khotkar,Dr. Sadhna Pande and various colleges, social organization taken the participation.Due to this Government administration has sesatize about the pollution of Kham river.  



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