As per the thought of Dr Satyapal singh Meenaji The progress of one family cannot be consider the progress of whole society. On the same line of action Dhanora is a outcome of his constructive deeds. On the same thought Dr Satyapal Singh Meenaji, Prof Priyanand Agale, and a team of Dhanora villagers youths like Devendra, Ajay, Prem, Mannu, Dinesh, Devendra pratap singh, Vishnu, Hari, Lakhan singh and Daulat and may people brainstorm and put their head together for the development of other villages and started a mission called Soch Badlo Gaon Badlo ( Transform Thoughts , Transform Village.)

The ( SBGBT) has shown their true and selfless sprit and leaded many transforming and successive programmes like Transform thoughts transform village, Green village clean village abhiyan,  Aawo padhe , Aage badhe ( Let learn and march ahead)  Shiksha  paawo gyaan badhawo abhiyan pratiypgita ( Learn and educate competition) Atikraman mukti abhiyan( No Encroachment abhiyan) Sharab Bandi abhiyan ( Liquor Ban Abhiyan) Formation of village development forum , Library and coaching institutions etc.

When Dhanora was changing the phase and becoming a Smart village, to transform this movement into another village, and to inspire people, the Soch Badlo Gaon Badlo Abhiyan was started. SBGB Team believes that ideological awareness is the basis of the development of any society.

  • Under this campaign, about 100 villages of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were included. The main purpose of this campaign is to create social awareness among the people and to create public consciousness about development.
  • SBGBT believes that the dream of development can be achieved only by active people-participation and co-ordination between administration and the public. SBGB Abhiyan is an effort to ensure public participation in development and to create harmony between the administration and the public.
  • Successful attempts have been made to liberate the villages from encroachment, prohibition of destruction, and the benefits of government schemes to the people during the change of village changeover.
  • SBGBT has turned the youth power from destructive activity to constructive one, from which the youth of the village is actively participating in the development of the village. Various types of programs such as Aao Padhen Aage Badhen, Clean Village Green Village and Shiksha Paao Gyaan Badhao are being organized by the team from time to time.
  • With the efforts of the team, Dhaulpur has not only created an atmosphere of positivity in entire Rajasthan and people but also have started to see their problems differently.
  • With the efforts of the SBGBT, a path has been received to Raghuvir Pura Village, which was cut off from the main road for 70 years. 
  • With the efforts of the team, solution of water problem in Khinnaut, Gadha and Badpura villages has been solved.
  • Panchayats in different villages decided to stop liquor and stop gambling by different villages.
  • Today this campaign is taking the form of a movement in which all the caste religions and communities are actively participating. Every youth of this country, in the same way, fulfills his duty towards the country and fulfills his duty towards his motherland the countrys development is sure. 



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