Green Field Activities

It includes, conservation of natural resources, and sustaining development activities such as water conservation and the use of wastewater, forestation, use of renewable energy resources like solar lights, solid waste management by segregation of waste, and by using the bio fertilizers for agriculture. Under this activity following development work has been carried out for achieving the sustainable development goals

  • Water conservation was done by innovative concept of Percolation tank link system. In this concept, canal extending 3 km was constructed which has been linked with 8 percolation tanks.  Overall groundwater recharge takes place through these structures, including Nallas. The quantum of wastewater recharge is 97.49 Million litters per year. It is important to mention that without land acquisition process this mega water conservation canal came into existence by mutual understanding of villagers.
  • On the occasion of World Environmental day, plantation of trees is done at Dhanora village. 
  • Sewerage treatment plant has been constructed and the treated water is reused for irrigation purpose. 
  • Installation of solar lights on the streets of the village which has beautified and lightened the village
  • Solid waste management, solid waste segregation into organic and inorganic way done by villagers themselves, because of the same, the village can be found to be neat and clean.


Solar Street Lights

Tree Plantation Activities 


Sewage Treatment Plant



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Eco-Needs Foundation (ENF) is an organization of young people striving for environmental conservation and ECO-REVOLUTION.

It is a revolution entailing all round ecological development. which includes economic, social, educational, cultural, health, technological development and conservation of water and other natural resources, and above all the holistic development of the ecology.

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