Retro Fitting Activities

Retrofitting includes improving the aesthetics of existing built-up environment of the village by adding new features.
Modern community center, having capacity of 300 people, was constructed by shifting and renovating the temple of Bhumiya Baba. Each government employees of the village contributed 25% of his one monthly salary and villagers did Shramdan. Gram Vikas Samiti of Dhanora coordinated entire work

  • Removal of Solid waste lying along the roadsides and open places.
  • Removal of Encroachment on the roads and increasing width to extend 20-25 feet from just 8-10 feet.
  • Beautification of the entrance of the village and public places. Cleaning of common roads and public places. Construction work for welcome gate is going to start.
  • Uniform colouring to the houses of the village was done to bring in beauty and cleanliness.
  • Paintings with awareness slogans were painted on walls of the houses and other establishments. This converted the village into the beautiful art gallery.
  • Dismantling of old and damaged structures.
  • Improved elevation of  building structures in the village
  • Relocation of electrical poles.


Converting Village into Art Gallery









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