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Awareness and active public participation is the key for any change in the society. To create awareness, the first women Panchayat was organized and issues related to women like sanitation, use of toilets, use of pads and educationfor girls were discussed. It was the first step to motivate and encourage the women for active participation in the social change. Subsequently, a massive awareness campaign wasundertaken in the village. It was an effort to prepare people for active participation in rural development.

1)  First women Panchayat of Dholpur District :

First women Panchayat was held on dated 1st May 2014 at Danora village for village development planning. In this meeting womens are awared about the health and hygiene. Also acception of women for the development was understuod by  Dr. Satyapal Singh Meenaji  (IRS) and Prof.Priyannand Agale. Womens unanimously rasis the issue of open defection .Later on first priority would be given for construction toilet.



2)  Gram Sabha

Gram Sabha plays a vital role in the development of Dhanora. Speciality of Gram Sabha is at each meeting only one topic is discussed wile one person putting his view no one interrupt this is the major reason of success.


3) World Environment Day 2016:

FIrst time in the History of village World Environment day was celebrated in the presence of  Dr. Pradeep Gawande(IAS),Mr Rajesh singh (IPS,SP Dhaulpur),Mr Kishan Sahay (IPS),Dr. Sataypal Singh Meena (IRS),Mr.Budhram Meena (CEO,Dhauipur),Mr K C Meena(CTO Dhaulpur ) Mr Malinga Singh (MlA Bari) Mrs Rani Kohli (MLA Basari ) Prof Priyanand Agale (Pioneer of Eco Revolution movment  ) villagers .Villagers shows committment for environmental conservation. 


4)  Educational Program

SBGBT conducted the Shiksha Pawo Ghyan Badawo competion amongs the studes its prize distribution was done with gracious hands of Dr. Satayapal Singh Meenaji , Prof.Priyanand Agale, MLA Mrs Rani Kohli . 





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Eco-Needs Foundation (ENF) is an organization of young people striving for environmental conservation and ECO-REVOLUTION.

It is a revolution entailing all round ecological development. which includes economic, social, educational, cultural, health, technological development and conservation of water and other natural resources, and above all the holistic development of the ecology.

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