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 Eco Needs Foundation continuously working for various issues relating to the water. Water is essential for existence of living beings including humans . Therefore the having access to pure and adequate quantity of water is the inalienable human right .Hence, to recognize right to water (with ensured per capita minimum quantity of water ) through the appropriate expressed legal provision is the need of hour. Also the UNO with its several covenants had made it obligatory for all the nations to ensure equitable distribution of water amongst all the citizens.Accordingly, Foundation began to observe & promote 20th March as the "World Rights to Water Day" . 20th March having historic significance, as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (Father of modern India) had led the world's first satyagraha for water in the year 1927 .Hence foundation taking  initiative to  celebrate 20th March as a "World Right to Water Day" with demand to adopt special legislation for right to water and to promote -declare 20th March as the "World Right to Water Day" 


2nd World Right to Water Day Celebration 2018 :


Second World Right to Water Day celebration programe held at Institute of Engineers Auditorium, Aurangabad ,India with gracious presence of   Honorable  Justice P.B. Varale sir ( Bombay High Court   ), Prof .Priyanand Agale (Founder of Eco Needs Foundation ), Adv.Pradeep Deshmukh ,Dr.Parag Sadgir (Chairmain IWWA ,Aurangabad) ,Dr. S.D.Deshmukh ( Chairman Institute of Engineers ,Aurangabad center ) ,Dr.C.M.Rao  ( Principal M.P.Law College ,Aurangabad ,,Dr Pramod Hirode .This programme was organized by Eco Needs Foundation with collaboration of  Institute of Engineers, M.P.Law college, Department of P.G. studies in law Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Indian Water Works Association,Dr. Ambedkar Law College Aurangabad..






1st World Right to Water Day Celebration 2017 :

Eco Needs Foundation conducted various programme water awareness activities and most important thing is foundation successfully celebrated "first" World Rights to Water Day Adv.Pradeep Deshmukh, Mr Sachin Kate, Adv. Attdeep Agale was present. Also in Second programme MIT, Aurangabad college Prof Prashant Patil & Prof Rahul Agrwal invited me to aware the students about water. On the occasion of World Water Day We wish you very happy World Water Day with appeal of join the hands for " Rights to Water" bill




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