Eco Revolution 2011, India

Eco Revolution 2011 Conference has been organized at Aurangabad on 19th & 20th February 2011.This conference was graced with the presence and participation of Dr.Rajendra Singh (Magsaysay awardee) Prof. Robert Carnny(USA) ,Ven. Atulyaratna Mahathero (member of parliament ,Srilanka ) ,Mr. Rahul Ranjan Mahiwal (IAS), Mr. Bijutkar ( manager NABARD), Mr. Uma Shankar Prasad (IRS), Mr. Kalicharan Khartade (IRS), Dr. Baban Ingole (Dy. Director NOI, Goa) along with about 150 Researchers including 17 foreigners and 250 students, administrative officers ,scientists and representatives of  NGO’s and various Educational Institutes. Along with the other environmental issues this conference has resolved for framing of National River Policy be made known as ‘Aurangabad Declaration’.

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Eco-Needs Foundation (ENF) is an organization of young people striving for environmental conservation and ECO-REVOLUTION.

It is a revolution entailing all round ecological development. which includes economic, social, educational, cultural, health, technological development and conservation of water and other natural resources, and above all the holistic development of the ecology.

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