Eco Needs Foundation

Consultancy Services


Eco Needs foundation have different experties from various fileds. we are providing the platform to these experties to utilize there kowledge for the betterment of society and environmental conservation.The funds generated through consultancy services is utilized for  the welfare of society. Hence it is our appeal to use our consultancy services provided.


1)  Design of sewage treatment plant (STP).
2)  Design of Effluent treatment plant (ETP).
3)  Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
4)  Design of Biogas plant.
5)  Design of Rainwater harvesting and watershed management.
6)  Green building design.
7)  Landscape and interior design.
8)  Solid waste management.
9)  Design of co-power generation plant.
10) Legal consultancy.
11) Health consultancy.
12) Academic consultancy.


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